Time: 09:30 – 12:30
Room: SB-M415
Chairs: Kelly Stathis (DataCite), Pascal-Nicolas Becker (The Library Code GmbH), Andrea Bollini (4Science), Claudio Cortese (4Science), Jordan Piščanc (4Science) & Sheila Rabun (Lyrasis)


In this workshop, DSpace administrators will learn how to enable, configure, and maximize the benefits of the DSpace 7 DataCite DOI integration. Workshop facilitators will cover the DataCite DOI registration process, the DataCite Metadata Schema, configuration options within DSpace and DSpace-CRIS, and how to customize the metadata mapping between local repository metadata and the DataCite Metadata Schema.


The audience for this workshop is repository managers, developers, administrators, and librarians who are administering DSpace repositories. The workshop is suitable for all DSpace users interested in learning about DataCite DOI registration through the platform.

The workshop will cover the following topics

  • DataCite DOI and Metadata Basics
    • What is a DOI?
    • DataCite account structure
    • DOI registration process
    • The DataCite Metadata Schema
  • Configuring DSpace 7 and DSpace-CRIS 7 to register DataCite DOIs
    • Using your DataCite account credentials and prefix
    • Switching between the test and production systems
    • Selecting which items get a DOI
    • How to reserve and show DOIs during submission
    • Sending metadata updates to DataCite
    • Using a cron job to schedule updates
  • Customizing the metadata mapping
    • Overview of the default mapping
    • How to map your local metadata schema to the DataCite Metadata Schema
      • in DSpace
      • in DSpace-CRIS
    • How to customize the generated DOI – only for DSpace-CRIS
    • Relation with other PIDs (ORCID, ROR) – only for DSpace-CRIS

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, attendees will understand the options for configuring DataCite DOI registration within DSpace and gain experience with customizing metadata mappings. Attendees should bring a laptop and be familiar with DSpace administration.


Those interested in actively working on their configuration should have a DataCite repository test account, which can be requested in advance by emailing support@datacite.org.

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