Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Room: SB3-L111
Chairs: Tim Donohue (Lyrasis), Michele Mennielli (Lyrasis), Andrea Bollini (4Science), Art Lowel (Atmire)


This half day workshop provides an opportunity for developers at institutions using DSpace to discuss recent DSpace releases, share what they are working on, ask questions and find collaborators. At the beginning of the workshop, an overview of DSpace 8.0 will be presented, with a focus on features/changes that developers may want to be aware of. Information on the upcoming roadmap to 9.0 will also be shared (based on priorities established by DSpace Steering Group). Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions about recent releases and the upcoming roadmap.

The remainder of the workshop will provide opportunities for developer presentation and discussion. Attendees are encouraged to bring anything they have built or are planning to build for DSpace. Demonstrations are welcome/encouraged. This is an opportunity to receive feedback from other developers or find potential collaborators. DSpace Committers will be in attendance to answer questions or provide tips/tricks. Committers will similarly share any new features they may be working on (or brainstorming) for future releases.


Developers (or tech savvy individuals) who work with DSpace at their institutions.


This workshop will be split into two main sections: a presentation-style overview of DSpace 8.0 and the roadmap to 9.0, followed by a group discussion / sharing of upcoming or active development.

  • Overview of DSpace 8.0 and Roadmap to 9.0 (~1 hour)
    • Facilitator: Lyrasis (Tim Donohue or Michele Mennielli)
    • Additional Presenters: DSpace Committers from Atmire (Art Lowel and/or others) & 4Science (Andrea Bollini and/or others)
    • Topics covered:
      • DSpace 8.0 feature highlights from a developer perspective
      • DSpace 8.0 major improvements from a developer perspective
      • What does an upgrade from DSpace 7 to 8 look like?
      • Early goals/priorities for 9.0 for developers to be aware of, including any in-progress 9.0 features.
      • How to contribute to DSpace development via code, testing, code review, documentation, etc. Why to consider contributing to DSpace.
    • Answering questions about 8.0 or the roadmap to 9.0
      • DSpace Committers (and other contributors) are there to answer your technical questions or provide hints/tips.
      • A DSpace wiki page may be used to gather additional questions from attendees & non-attendees. This can serve as official “documentation” of questions and answers for both attendees and non-attendees once the OR2024 conference is over.
  • Open DSpace Developer Discussion (~2 hours)
    • Facilitator: Lyrasis (Tim Donohue or Michele Mennielli) with support from DSpace Committers in attendance
      • Attendees have the opportunity to share DSpace customizations/features they are working on to receive feedback from others or find collaborators
      • A DSpace wiki page will be used as a signup form for anyone wanting to share their work. This ensures we allow appropriate time for all to share (if possible). It also serves as a place for both attendees and non-attendees to locate possible collaborators for the future.
    • DSpace Committers will also present on customizations/features they are working on or planning. This provides an opportunity for attendees to get an early preview of and share feedback on (likely) future DSpace features. ○ This discussion period is fluid. If time allows and/or attendees have many questions after the “Overview” section, then facilitators may shift into an “ask us anything” form of discussion. Attendees can then ask Committers in attendance about anything related to DSpace.

The overall goal of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for developers or tech savvy individuals to learn more about DSpace 8, share their ideas, and ask questions. It’s also an opportunity to meet other developers and Committers.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop, attendees should have an overview of DSpace 8.0 and the 9.0 roadmap (both from a developer perspective). They will also have had a chance to voice their questions and receive answers/tips from DSpace Committers and other attendees.


Attendees should already have familiarity with DSpace. Attendees should bring a laptop if they want to share something they have built.

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